unlock iphone 3g

Unlock iphone 3g

Can You Unlock Iphone 3g?  Yes you can.  There are numerous methods that you can use to make this possible.  And all that you have top do is to find one which can make things a lot easier and more convenient for you.  In this article, I will show you all the things that you need to know about unlocking your Iphone – with minimum cost.

Can You Unlock Iphone 3g?  – The Question Answered

Apple’s Iphone is one of the most sought-after gadgets in the world today.  It has the most excellent features that can mesmerize anybody – which just proves that its popularity will not be waning out any time soon.

Iphones, by default, are usually SIM-locked to just one network – which limits you to the services which that particular network offers and nothing else.  Hence, you will not be able to avail of the better services that another network offers, or the more affordable fees that the competing network has.

Fortunately, this dilemma can be easily solved by unlocking your Iphone. By doing this, you will have a wider choice of apps for your Iphone and you will be able to avail of better services that your current network provider might not be able to provide.

How Can You Unlock Iphone 3g?

If you do some readings, you will realize that there are many types of Iphone unlocking methods that you can use for your benefit.  Here are some steps for your perusal:

Method 1 – By Using A Computer Chip

1. Purchase a computer chip in a trusted computer shop.  However, make sure that you are getting one which is efficient.  After all, this compute chips do not come cheap.  Expect to pay around $100 to $200 for these chip – hence, choose carefully.

2. Using the proper tools, open your Iphone up.  If you don’t have the necessary skills for this, find other methods to use.

3. Carefully place the computer chip inside your phone.  Make sure that you have carefully studied as to which specific area you should place the chip.  Take note that placing the chip in the wrong area can cause some problems in the future.

4. Insert a new SIM card into your phone.  Use one which is different from the original SIM that came along with your phone.

5. Reboot your Iphone.  You can do this by restarting it.  This will help your Iphone to recognize the chip that you just installed.

6. If your Iphone accepts the new SIM, then congrats – your Iphone is now unlocked.  If not, repeat the steps I mentioned above.

Method 2 – By Installing A Computer Software

1. Before you can unlock your Iphone, you must jailbreak it first.  Download an excellent jailbreaking software and then install it in your phone.  Run the program and see if your Iphone is successfully jailbroken.

2. After your Iphone is jailbroken, download an unlocking program for your phone.  Make sure that it will be compatible with your Mac or Windows computer.

3. You can do the abovementioned step by launching Cydia, then selecting the Manage tab in your Iphone screen, then the Sources button, then Edit and then Add.

4. After you perform the steps above, type the URL of your preferred unlocking program and then press Add Source.  This will add the program to your phone repository.

5. Wait as Cydia automatically configures and updates your sources.

6. Search for your downloaded unlocking program and install it.  This will then unlock your Iphone.  Check if the unlocking was successful.

How To Ensure That Your Iphone Unlocking Software Is The Right One

If you look all over, you will see that there are numerous computer programs all of which have been designed to unlock Iphones.  However, it is a fact that not all of these programs may be as efficient as you may want them to be.  Hence, it would be wise to look for the right program to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hard-earned money.

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With the right computer program, you can be sure that unlocking your Iphone 3g will be as easy, convenient and as affordable as it should be.

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